Wedding Tip of the Day

Who doesn’t want in the fever of a wedding planning to find something that can turn the wedding celebration into a special event for the guests attending to the celebration? In this respect you could be the one in search of a wedding tip of the day , the one to confer your wedding the dimensions of an everlasting memory. In fact, thanking your guests for their attendance is worth your attention when being busy with the planning. Thinking to present your wedding guests with favors is like acknowledging the thoughtfulness of them to convey your wedding day the same importance you confer.

The wedding tip of the day could be in this respect to find the most appropriate attendance gift for your invitees. This gift needs to be considered since the days you have set the theme, when you already know how many of them will attend the wedding celebration and make sure that the budget of your planning takes this aspect into account.

For instance, if you have the wedding celebrated on the beach, a good wedding tip of the day would be to present your guests a wedding favor in the shape of a sea shell that opens to the photo of yours as a couple on one side and the details of the wedding day written on the other interior side of the shell along with a thank you note.

A delicate wedding tip of the day related to a wedding celebrated in the magnificent location of a garden can be made by yourself if you get ready on time to do it. You can have a bloom (one for each invitee attending) pressed between the pages of a book and after two weeks at latest have it removed and decorate the passe-par-tout of a photo of yours and turn it into a beautiful wedding favor photo for your invitees.

Another wedding tip of the day can be to have your wedding on film and edit a DVD titled with the theme of your wedding next to a funny or romantic line and have it sent to your guests to put it in their collections of favorite DVD movies! This DVD can contain comments of the invitees on the wedding celebration with their thoughtful wishes on the occasion of the marriage.

All of the above could be considered the wedding tip of the day, each one of them depending of curse, of each brides’ financial means as they can cost money and some time together with the effort of coming up with great ideas to adorn the aspect of a wedding favor, both aesthetically and spiritually.

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