Wedding Toasts

When the wedding ceremony has concluded and the reception is moving from the reception line to the dinner, this is the time when the well-wishers have a chance to make wedding toasts. The wedding speeches and toasts are a very long-standing tradition in weddings that help celebrate the special day, while raising a glass in honor of the couple.

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Wedding Toasts

Wedding toasts can be formally prepared before the event or they can be a spontaneous expression of support and encouragement for the new couple. Giving one is a time to express admiration, add an element of humor or laughter, express sentiments and even provide special insights into the courtship and future of the couple.

It is usually the best man who will deliver the primary marriage speech. Once this formality has concluded, then the rest of the wedding toasts can start. This is one of the best opportunities for the other guests, who are not part of the formal marriage party, to participate in the special day as well. The time for toasting is also a good way to transition from the formal part of the event, being the ceremony, to a time that is designed to be more relaxed and informal.

Wedding toasts are generally proposed once all the champagne glasses have been properly filled. Toasts carry with them some tradition, whether the marriage reception is a formal or a casual affair.
Toasting should be done by raising the glass with the right hand and by holding the glass straight out from the shoulder. This practice harkens back to the days of concealing weapons, such as a dagger, in one’s clothing. Therefore, extending the glass in such a way provides proof of good intentions.Another element of traditional wedding toasts that goes back many centuries is the loudness of the merrymaking for the purpose of warding off evil spirits. The sound created by the clinking of the champagne glasses at the end of each marriage toast makes a sound somewhat akin to the ringing of a bell. This is another ancient belief in keeping the evil spirits away from the celebration.

The term “toasting” actually got its roots from a French custom in which a piece of bread was placed in the bottom of each wine glass to absorb the sediment. Someone who was considered to be a good toaster would then drink all the way “down to the toast.” Over time, this practice evolved into the current custom of drinking to someone’s prosperity, health or happiness. Nowadays, they are offered to wish congratulations and good luck to the newlyweds.

Many people are not aware that during them, the bride and groom should not raise their glasses. Since they are the ones being honored, everyone else is to raise their glass to them, leaving the couple to simply sip from their glasses at the conclusion of each marriage toast.Traditionally, wedding toasts are given either during the rehearsal dinner, the marriage reception, or on both occasions. In any event, the toasting usually follows the meal or is done just after the ceremony of cutting the cake.

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