Wedding Vows Exchanged by Celebrities

Exchanging vows is an important part of a wedding ceremony, and whenever you prepare your wedding celebration, be it through a professional planner or preparing it on yourself you will inevitably reach the moment to write your own vows. In this respect you will look for all kind of inspiration, and definitely the celebrity wedding vows can work for you in this way.

There is this tendency in each one of us to think of ourselves as being the most famous ones in the day of our wedding celebration, therefore it won’t be anything wrong in trying to take ourselves for some celebrity. Looking for those wedding vows exchanged by celebrities, it can be very inspiring as all of them will try to do their best to have inside their texts the perfect expression of their innermost feelings.

In fact wedding vows is all about this: to include in these sentences everything that you feel towards your fiancé and your fiancée as well as towards the act of marriage. In case that you find the celebrity wedding vows to be similar to what you feel like, then do not be afraid to adjust them here and there, customizing them according to your own state of mind and feelings.

Some of the most famous celebrity wedding vows can be found online classified according to their tone – there are the classic ones as well as the modern ones. Down bellow some of them are succinctly described for you to decide which one of the celebrity wedding vows appeals to you the most, and seems to mold more to your own feelings and hopes.

* The wedding vows of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore go mostly for the classic ones that end with  “…till death do us part” and the exchanging of rings ending with “…so long as we both shall live”.

* The celebrity wedding vows of Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere were mainly introduced by the minister’s beautiful and meaningful words about love and what this feeling brings in someone’s life. The minister’s words spoke also of how God is love and all forgiving as there is nothing bad or false related to the image of love especially when goodness guides the love and those who have it deep inside.

The minister’s words ended up with inviting the two celebrities to exchange their vows and with the exchange of the rings there was also the promise of having always the love as guidance for the present and the future being within.

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