What’s your entertainment source at the wedding: a dj or a live concert?

Along with many others dilemmas you have regarding your wedding at the entertainment part here’s another one. What do you choose between a dj and a live band? Each case with its characteristics today we focus just on the wedding live band. Probably you consider useless to mention more about the advantages of such an opportunity.

Besides the magnificent concern you’ll have and the good impression you make for the overall wedding type take notes about certain things you need to put in balance before making any decision:

wedding live band
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  • The price makes a huge difference so a band will charge you more in comparison with a dj. Also pay attention and ask about certain extra fees for the transport maybe, the equipment to be transported and so on.
  • It’s undoubtedly the super surprise for everyone from groom and bride to all guests to hear a live band. It’s the quality of the sound, the live concert, the unequalled sensation.
  • Discuss with the band about the wedding music type, the have a repertory, maybe a special one for such a special event. But are they good to improvise? Maybe you instantly request a song, maybe a guest wants a special dedication.
  • Think at their pauses. A live band at your wedding raises concerns when it comes about the too tiered voice that needs a rest, so it seems you need a backup plan too as it is boring to just let it so.

And if you finally decide about a live band at your wedding then you better start planning as artists are full of events and you may be disappointed of not finding available what band you want.

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