Where to Find Good Photographers

Photographs are an important aspect of organizing the wedding. Where do you find good photographers for your wedding, without paying a fortune ?

First of all what is a professional photographer? Well, a professional photographer makes his living taking pictures. I mean he works legally, pays taxes, offers a contract stating the services he provides and also offers warranties. A professional photographer has very good technical knowledge and advanced equipment.

Perhaps most importantly, a professional photographer has a portfolio, a collection of his best albums. I say most importantly because you can make an idea based on his portfolio about his photographic style, quality and originality. Basically, you recognize a good photographer from this work.

Start with friends or colleagues who had recently a wedding. Each can give you a recommendation and can warn you about any inconvenience. But before drawing a conclusion, analyze the photos that your acquaintances have. You either like them or you don’t, or maybe you want something else. Ask for contact information only after you’ve seen the photos and you are sure those are the kind of pictures you want at your wedding.

Professional photographers you can find in the ads of a newspaper, in the Yellow Pages, or you can go search them online. Nowadays almost every photographer has a website with a representative portfolio.

Don’t narrow down your search to wedding photographers. Just because they are not under wedding photographers doesn’t mean that other professionals won’t shoot at your wedding. They might even come cheaper than the ones specialized in wedding photos, so it’s good to keep your options open.

Do not forget about photo studios. Go and ask if they deal with weddings and browse through their albums. Do not be fooled by the small room in which they work. Photo studio professionals are people who practice the craft of photography their entire life. You don’t have to be a genius to realize they can shoot pictures outside the studio.
You can also find professional photographers at wedding fairs or with an event organizing firm. Ask the photographer’s name to view his portfolio. A company which can not give you his name is not working with professional photographer.

There are also photographers who are very young, but still have the potential to become very good. That is why at the beginning, they might not have a portfolio.


Amateur photographers are photography enthusiasts. These are not professionals so they don’t have a card, or a website with a portfolio. Basically they are invisible on the commercial market so where to find them? Fortunately the Internet age offers a solution to this problem.

Amateur photographers, in their enthusiasm, will share personal achievements the same way you expose your photos. In online albums: Picasa (Google) or Flickr (Yahoo) and there are many others out there. In such environments there are groups and communities who have common interests such as photography. Find a photo passionate in your city. Some groups have suggestive names such as wedding photos, but do not limit yourself to that notion. If you like what you see, whether it’s a yellow leaf, landscapes or portraits, it means the photographer has the potential to give you the perfect wedding pictures.

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