Which Hand Does a Woman Wear Her Wedding Ring On

Rings, especially the wedding rings, have always carried symbolic meaning within both their definition and design. But once you have decided to commit yourself and seeing how everybody wears this item around their ring finger you start wondering which hand does a woman wear her wedding ring on as long as there are two alternatives presented for this matter: either right or left hand.

The use of a wedding ring comes from ancient times when the bride was given first some sort of bracelet made of leather or braided cotton thread as a symbol that she belongs to someone, to her man who owns her. Later, the habit was replicated for the same geometric shape – circle, but being worn around the finger.

The Romans used to wear it on the left hand where the ring finger was known to be crossed by the vein that came from the heart in this way connecting the symbol of wedding ring – marriage and everlasting commitment – to the heart – which stood and still stands for the symbol of love.

This is how it all started, with the ancient civilizations, ancient wedding couples who have found a way to seal their love through both a wedding celebration and the wearing of a wedding ring. So, in case you still wonder which hand does a woman wear her wedding ring on you should reach to the meaning that this symbol has been given throughout years and generations of wedding couples.

But as an informative note you should understand that the question ‘which hand does a woman wear her wedding ring on’ is mostly answered with the tradition or the inherited habits of the majority of the brides existing in the whole wide world – wedding ring worn on the left ring finger. While most of the married couple wear their wedding rings on their left hand, there are some countries where this habit differs.

Therefore Ukraine, Germany, Greece, Norway, Russia, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Poland and Venezuela are known as the lands where wedding rings are traditionally worn on the right hand ring finger. Jewish women on the other hand have a mixed tradition, sort of speak, as they are known to wear the wedding rings on the right hand for after the ceremony to have it changed for the left hand.

So, if you still wonder which hand does a woman wear her wedding ring on, than you should probably guide yourself according to the country and the wedding traditions that accompany the couples when they commit to each other with one of the oldest forms of jewelry in the world: the wedding ring.

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