Willing to ruin the photo session? Just for fun!

Weddings are too serious at a moment. Too many crying sessions, too many people admiring the bride. Some feel like doing something else, approaching this in a different manner. And we can’t blame them as after all they identify with a funny style and want from the wedding a memorable thing. That beside the marriage of course. So they plan a funny bride photos session.

funny bride photos
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It happened that way vs. making it so

Funny bride photos can be the secret plan of the photographer surprising very well some reactions. Let’s say we understand that brides are bridezillas at a moment and it is not quite nice when they have to endure the beauty pain during the makeup session and hairstyle. Also some just happen and the photographer is right there doing perfectly his or her job. Sometimes though it is wanted that way and it comes everything forced.

Now funny can be defined in various ways. Willing to “ruin” the fabulous photo session during the bride’s preparation time some want:

The bride drunk. Or apparently, in a posture you hardly imagine her mostly wearing that diaphanous white dress.

The bride and the razor. Presuming she had some hair where it shouldn’t be that day mostly she just asks for help in the last minutes before being ready 100%. The razor under her underarm is hilarious.

Bride and bridesmaids going wild, like in a nightmare for what the bride wants. Drunk, high, with underwear at sight…that just faking of course.

Dogs dragging the bride’s train, eating contest, the bride on Facebook since this is a trend are also some ideas to test.

Natural reactions, unexpected photos

Until not experiencing a funny bride photos session you can’t say it is true. But sometimes a single second makes a huge difference. Funny may be also the face the bride makes when she sees something, how she reacts and so on. The main part is to really have fun, to be you and feel a bride. Also don’t be the “princess” and pick your own shoes when you get dressed, even though it is your wedding time. Or don’t and that could be a really fun time also to ask someone to put your shoes on.

In the end don’t forget: say cheese!

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