Winter Wedding Dresses

If you have chosen your wedding day to be celebrated in the season of winter is either because your wedding venue is not necessarily displaying the cold weather of a winter time or simply because you have some dear memories of your romance connected to this season and as such through the wedding day chosen for the winter time to celebrate the romance as well.

But regardless your reasons, the chase for your winter wedding dress needs to start in the early days of the wedding planning. You can also come in advance with the plans for honeymoon destination, since booking many months in advance can also bring you some discounts on the trip as well as the accommodation in the Alps, for instance, a destination that is worth considering when planning the location of your winter honeymoon.

Going back to the topic, the chase of a winter wedding dress needs to take into account a variety of factors in case your venue is in a place where the snow will be present during the winter season. Apart from the factor that is related to the style of the wedding gown, there is also the factor called ‘winter cold’ that is not allowed to prevent you from feeling comfortable and warm enough while wearing the winter wedding dress.

In case the wedding celebration is chosen for a day close to the Christmas time you could choose a winter wedding dress that has the colors of a Santa Clause, addition of red embroidery on the immaculate white if the wedding gown. You can also select the silver or gold colored embroideries that can be found on the overall aspect of your winter wedding dress. These colors can look very noble and sophisticated allowing your bridal appearance to shine over the entire wedding assembly as the queen is shining with her royal appearance over her subjects.

As to the winter wedding dress design, as much as the strapless bodice looks to you very exciting it is better to avoid it, if not consider wearing a jacket on top of the naked shoulders. The jacket could be made in the same pattern of your wedding dress embroidery to complement your overall winter-ish appearance.

The option of wearing a hat can not be omitted as well, since various models have been created to embellish the head of a bride in the most important day of her life. The design could consist of silver

feathers added to the overall aspect of the hat, most of the brides opting in their winter wedding dress for a peacock plumage to adorn both their gowns and their hair dressing style.

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