Winter Wedding Dresses Made of Velvet

Once the wedding date is settled for the season of winter you must decide on the style of your bridal attire that can be beautifully complemented with a velvet winter wedding dress. To acquire such an elegant dress, you must first decide to get a wedding theme where the winter wedding dress made of velvet should fit perfectly. You can choose for instance to plan a fabulous theme that is associated to a fairy tale, and in this way you can choose the velvet winter wedding dress that is designed in sparkling white velvet of an A-line cut of the dress with a long sleeves fitted bodice in a sweetheart neckline.

The neckline can be trimmed with cream fur stripe that has golden accents sprinkled on it. The same trimming can be included at the end of the sleeves, at the waistline and at the hemline as well. Just in case it is recommended to have a fur made hat that can be in the format of a large rimmed hat or a cylindrical type.

Velvet winter wedding dresses go very well with tulle made accessories, such as a veil made of tulle attached to a rhinestone made tiara, or accessories made of broken lace, such as gloves made of lace and the cleavage of the dress covered in the same pattern of lace up to the neck. This combination of delicate, transparent fabrics as lace and tulle are, with the thickness of the velvet fabric confers the winter wedding gown femininity and elegance that few combinations can convey.

Now what about the choice of color for the velvet winter wedding dress? The colors can be various, going from the brilliant white – which by the way, when captured in the velvet texture it looks like a perfect replica of the freshly fallen snow – to ivory, light blue, light green that has accents of red in it to go with the Christmas spirit, on case the wedding is around the Christmas time.

It you decide however that white will be the color of your velvet winter wedding dress, but still want it to be different you can order for the simplest of the designs and have it altered with various elements that give it uniqueness. As mentioned above you can use that fur trimming which can be of any other color that you desire and you consider that goes well with the color of your eyes, or hair.

Apart from this there is the choice to apply colorful embroidery on the neckline, at the waistline and hemline to give your velvet wedding dress amplitude and elegance. The options can be plenty, you just need to get inspired from various winter bridal collections that can be found inside online bridal stores of various retailers and bridal fashion designers.

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