Winter Wedding Dresses

One of the first things you notice when shopping for your Winter wedding dress is that some designers seem never to have heard of the North at all. But if you happen to fall in love with a summery design despite the fact that average temps for your wedding day hover around 20 below, don’t worry — you still have lots of options.

When it comes to choosing a Winter wedding dress it is important that you feel comfortable and still look beautiful! Winter wedding dresses allow you the opportunity to explore some sumptuous fabrics that are traditionally a little heavier than those used for Summer wedding dresses, for example velvet, duchess satin, crepe, moiré, taffeta and brocade.

Your Winter wedding dress should probably have long sleeves, and be sure to include gloves in your ensemble – you can always take them off once you’re indoors. Many dresses come with long sleeves. A thick satin dress or one made of white velvet or velour would rival those Summer styles and in fact, may even look more elegant and formal. A style with faux fur trim around the sleeves and collar will simply look stunning.

To stay warm while you’re en route, consider a wool or cashmere cape. A cape will provide plenty of room and you won’t have to worry about fitting your sleeves into it, as you would a coat. And the drama of a cape can work to enhance your bridal look.

Another popular option: an asymmetrical faux fur wrap that rests on one shoulder, or the fur or marabou shrug that covers both. These styles make the perfect final for a strapless gown with a bit of beading.

Wintertime isn’t just the perfect season to break out the “ice,” it’s also ideal for wearing strong colors under that snow-white cloak or shrug. A bold red gown will take your guests’ breath away, especially for a Christmas or Valentine wedding. Other brides might find that a pale blue sash fulfills their winter wonderland fantasies, while this season’s trend toward bold black beading complements almost any cold-weather affair. Classic colors like ivory and egg cream are always popular.

Whilst you would not want to compromise your look for warmth, you will not want to be concentrating on how much you are shaking rather than how much you are enjoying your day.

Create a winter wedding dress with chiffon illusion neckline – it will show some skin yet keep you comfortable. Do not forget thermal leggings or heavy white tights under your winter wedding gown. You can choose silk thermal pants for a sheer lightweight feeling. Long trailing dresses may not be suitable if you have to battle snow and mud. Longer wedding gown styles with long sleeves and higher necklines will keep you warm.

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