Women have high expectations about marriage proposal- how to surprise them and move to the tears

It is true that in some cases romanticism is not what defines a couple and when it comes about marriage proposal it will be something more like a talk. But surely they all want to feel special and hear the magic words out of a man’s mouth. Either the classic way either being creative, today we bring you a top 5 romantic ways to propose. It’s not just about the question itself, to knee and offer the ring but a whole event plan.

5 Romantic Ways to Propose
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  • Buy tickets and go to Paris, the classic destination or just somewhere abroad. It can be a secluded island, on the beach, something that inspires you and according to the budget is on your taste and limit. Or go on the same place you met her first because there is where it all began.
5 Romantic Ways to Propose
Photo Source: weddingaces.com
  • Plan a surprise party with friends and family. It’s about sharing everything and showing to everyone how much you love her.
  • Make it public. Go to cinema and on the screen to appear the big question, opt for a big banner on a building just make the entire world hear about your love and intentions.
  • Make her discover the ring in a cup of champagne or cookie fortune. With a proper speech this is kind of intimate but indeed romantic and appreciated.
5 Romantic Ways to Propose
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  • Maybe a simple thing for some romantic for others when words just can’t get out of your mouth base on a gift type proposal and you just to knee. It can be a rose with printed question, friends helping you with banners, a cupcake in the morning when you drink a coffee, with the special message.


The sky is the limit as long as love is your guide….

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